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Knowledge Department ist ein akkreditierter Trainingsprovider für das ISTQB Certified Tester-Schema. Wir sind ein führendes Unternehmen im Bereich der IT-Weiterbildung - Lernen Sie uns kennen!

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Seminar ISTQB Certified Tester, Foundation Level - Training and optional exam in English

Beschreibung des Seminars

After successful completion of the ISTQB® Certified Tester course, you will be able to successfully use and apply the techniques covered, such as equivalence class analysis. You can design, plan and carry out examinations and tests for specific projects. In addition, you can better assess risks in relation to business processes. You know the essential test terms and the test relevant international norms and standards. You will know how to create meaningful error messages, how to monitor the error correction process, how to design the confirmation testing efficiently, and how to plan, organize, and control reviews. You can specifically select test tools and know what to consider when introducing test tools.

In summary, knowledge and techniques are imparted within the framework of the training, which lead to a structured, systematic approach to testing if implemented accordingly. The result is an improvement in the quality of the software and cost savings.


  • Fundamentals of software testing
  • Test planning, control, execution and reporting
  • Testing in the software life cycle
  • Component testing, integration testing, system and acceptance testing
  • Static testing
  • Performing Reviews
  • Test case design technique
  • Blackbox and whitebox test techniques
  • Test management
  • Configuration management and prioritization of tests
  • Types, selection and introduction of test tools
  • Test specification, execution and logging

You can download the applicable ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level syllabus here.

After the training you do have the opportunity to take the ISTQB® Certified Tester, Foundation Level exam. The exam is usually conducted by an independent certification body as an electronic on-site exam. You will be notified of the result of the electronic exam immediately after completion of the test. In addition to the participation fee, there are costs of € 225.00 plus VAT for participation in the exam. When booking online, you can also order the exam as an additional booking option.A list of exam dates can be found here. You are also certainly free to book the exam at any official certification body directly by yourself and attend the exam there if you do not want to book the exam together with the course.

Zielgruppe des Seminars

Software engineers, tester and test engineers, developers, project managers, departments and teams who wish to deepen their knowledge on software and system testing


This course and the optional exam are in English language! - This course is for beginners as well as experienced testers and developers that want to deepen their knowledge. Also users without experience in the filed of software testing can attend the courses without any problems. Knowledge about programming are useful but no prerequisite.

Anreise zum Seminar

Knowledge Department GmbH
Äußere Sulzbacher Str. 159-161
90491 Nürnberg


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Nach dem Ortsschild fahren Sie immer geradeaus. Sie befinden sich nun in der „Erlenstegenstraße“. Nach ca. 1,5 km überfahren Sie die Kreuzung „Erlenstegenstr.“ / „Thumenberger Weg“. Nach der Kreuzung wird die „Erlenstegenstr.“ zur „Äußeren Sulzbacher Str.“. Die Knowledge Department Geschäftsstelle befindet sich direkt neben dem Hotel Erlenstegen. In der „Äußeren Sulzbacher Str.“ finden Sie ausreichend kostenfreie Parkmöglichkeiten.

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* Hotel Erlenstegen
Äußere Sulzbacher Str. 157
90491 Nürnberg
Tel.: +49 911 5910-33
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09.10.2020, 17:00
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Stefan Wirth
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