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Seminar ISTQB Certified Tester, Expert Level, Test Management (Teil 1/3) - Strategic Test Management

Beschreibung des Seminars

(This course is given in German - but with English material and English exercises, in order to be able to successfully attend the exam after the course, which is only available in English by the ISTQB.)

The ISTQB Expert Level Test Management (CTEL-TM) certification (Managing Testing, Testers and Test Stakeholders) comprises 3 parts: 'Strategic Test Management', 'Operational Test Management', and 'Managing the Test Team'. Note that separate certification exams are provided for each part, and all three parts must be achieved to gain full certification in CTEL-TM. An Expert Level Certificate is valid for 7 years.

The ISTQB® CTEL-TM–Strategic Management content within the CTEL-Test Management syllabus considers the purpose of testing or the test mission, and the relation between the test policy, the test strategy, and the test objectives. It addresses the effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction metrics for the test policy objectives. Integrating tools across the organization and testing as part of a larger set of quality management activities necessary to deliver quality software products and services are included, as well as the management of external relationships, most especially the merging of test strategies with third party organizations. Part 1 of the CTEL-TM also looks at the test management considerations for different project lifecycle models.

For Part 2 of the CTEL-TM certification, refer to CTEL-TM-OTM and for Part 3, refer to CTEL-TM-MTT. All 3 Parts are required to be CTEL-TM certified.

Zielgruppe des Seminars

The Expert Level certification is aimed at those who have already achieved an advanced point in their careers in software testing and wish to develop further their expertise in a specific area.


To obtain Expert Level certification, candidates must have:

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