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Online Seminar Certified Automotive Software Tester 2.0, Foundation Level (E-Learning/Online-Kurs) - Training and optional exam in English


This course is held completely in English: All course material and all exercises are in English! You may attend the optional exam after the course in English!

The Certified Automotive Software Tester Foundation Level online course must be completed within 30 days of the date you specify in your online booking. Any documents accompanying the course which you can order additionally during the online booking will be sent to you by regular mail. The optional exam may be taken as a Remote Proctored Exam from home/the office at the date and time that you want.


This online course teaches you the basics and peculiarities of testing according to the current state of the art, taking into account the special features of the automotive sector. Existing norms and standards of the automotive industry form the core of the course content. You will learn the essential terms and test procedures for an "automotive tester" as well as important aspects of software testing in the automotive industry. After successfully completing the training, you will be able to apply the quality assurance techniques discussed, such as testing variants using orthogonal arrays, in practice. Extensive practical exercises round off the seminar and prepare you optimally for the optional test.

This course covers all areas of the international Certified Automotive Software Tester Foundation Level-Lehrplanes in the required depth.


  • Basics of software testing in Automotive Engineering (version, variants)
  • Automotive PEP
    • Phase description
    • Milestones
    • Product development process
    • Functional areas development
    • Business objectives in the PEP
    • Testing processes within PEP
  • Samples
    • A-, B-,C- and Master sample, Serial part
    • Application of the sample statuses in the SW development process
    • SW development in the automotive PEP
    • Advantages and disadvantages of the test process in model-based software development
    • Functionoriented software test
  • Integration level test plan
    • Support for integration
    • Planning I-levels
    • Challenges and problems when testing I-levels
  • Testing in a virtual environment
    • Model „virtual environment“
    • Simulation and Modeling
    • Embedded Hardware
    • Levels of ECU development
    • Interfaces between hardware and software
    • Safety-relevant SW development
    • Real time system
    • Hardware in the Loop, Software in the Loop and Model in the Loop
  • Special features in automotive software development
    • Operating modes
    • Variant diversity
  • Relevant automotive standards
    • Functional Safety – ISO 26262
  • Product liability
  • Historical development (IEC 61508)
  • Overview, Components,Objectives
  • Safety-oriented analysis
  • Operational relevance - product liability and state of the art
    • Automotive Safety Integrity Level – ASIL (PAAG/HAZOP, FMEA, FTA, Delphi,…)
  • Automotive SPICE
    • Software process assessment according to ISO 15504
    • Reasons for using Automotive SPICE
    • Process dimension (MAN) Management Process Group, (ENG) Engineering Process Group
    • Maturity level
    • Process Reference Model
    • Test relevant processes Automotive SPICE
    • Testability analysis
    • Test documentation (IEEE 829)
  • Comparison Automotive SPICE and ISO 26262



Following the training, there is the opportunity to take the exam to become an official ISTQB Certified Automotive Tester. As with the ISTQB® Foundation Level, the exam lasts 60 minutes (40 questions multiple choice) and can be taken with or without prior training by the ISTQB-authorized certification bodies.

The exam is usually conducted as an electronic on-site exam by an independent certification body. You will receive your result in the electronic examination immediately after completion of the test. In addition to the participation fee, costs will be charged for participation in the exam. When booking online, you can also order the exam as an additional booking option! You can also book and take the exam directly at the accredited certification bodies, if you do not want to order them at the same time. In order to be allowed to take the exam, an ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level certification is required.



Personen, die im Automotive-Bereich am Software-/Systementwicklungs- oder -wartungsprozess als Tester oder Test Manager, Entwickler, Qualitätsbeauftragter, Projekt- oder Produktmanager, Trainer oder Assessor tätig sind, Software-Analysten, Software-Architekten, Software-Entwickler, Projektmanager, QS-Mitarbeiter


Um die Prüfung zum ISTQB Certified Automotive Software Tester, Foundation Level, ablegen zu dürfen, müssen Sie bereits als ISTQB® Certified Tester, Foundation Level, zertifiziert sein.


Ihre Unterlagen werden von der Zertifizierungsstelle auf Vollständigkeit geprüft. Falls Sie die Bedingungen nicht erfüllen, kann die Zertifizierungsstelle keine Zulassung erteilen.


Um an der Prüfung teilnehmen zu können muss ein Lichtbildausweis vorgelegt werden, der die Überprüfung der Identität des Prüfungsteilnehmers ermöglicht.


Eine Kursteilnahme ohne Prüfung ist auch ohne Nachweis möglich.

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