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Online Seminar ISTQB Certified Tester, Advanced Level - Test Manager (E-Learning/Online-Kurs) - Training and optional exam in English


The E-Learning course ISTQB® Certified Tester, Advanced Level - Test Manager, needs to be worked through within 45 days, starting with your desired starting date which you decide upon registration. The additional paper based material which you can order during the registration process will be sent via postal service. This is the E-Learning course in English, with English material - course language is English. The optional exam may be taken as a Remote Proctored Exam from home/the office at the date and time that you want.


In this E-Learning ISTQB® Certified Tester, Advanced Level - Test Manager, you are going to receive the necessary knowledge and tools to be successful as a professional test manager

This training, which is taught according to the latest Advanced Level curriculum of the ISTQB, gives you a comprehensive overview of the planning and control parameters of testing. This course teaches you how to manage test teams, plan and document tests, and monitor their progress. Different test planning documents as well as the connections between defect management, risk management and test management are presented and explained to you in a practice-oriented way. You will learn how to optimize and adapt your test processes on the basis of process improvement models. The seminar is completed by the role of the test manager in a company, his special situation as well as his required technical and social competences, e.g. in the management of test teams.

After successfully attending the seminar, you will be able to define high-level test objectives and strategies for the systems to be tested, plan the associated tasks, set deadlines and track their progress. You can describe and organize the necessary activities, select, procure and allocate sufficient resources for the tasks. You will be able to select, organize and lead effective test teams, as well as efficiently organize communication between team members and other test teams. You will be able to justify the decisions you have made and create appropriate reporting documents. Detailed practical exercises top off the seminar and prepare you perfectly for the optional exam.


  • test process
    • test planning, monitoring and control
    • test analysis, test design, test implementation, test execution, evaluating exit criteria, test report, test closure activities
  • test management
    • stakeholder
    • additional software lifecycle activities and work products
    • managing non-functional testing
    • risk-based testing and test techniques
    • test selection method
    • prioritization and effort allocation in the test processtest
    • test documentation with test policy, test strategy, master test plan, level test plan, project risk management
    • test effort estimation
    • testing metrics
    • business value of testing
    • outsourced and insourced testingdistributed,
    • managing the application of industry standards
  • reviews
    • management reviews, audits
    • management of reviews and formal reviews
    • metrics
  • defect management
    • defect lifecycle and software lifecycle, workflow
    • defect report and defect message
    • evaluate the process maturity based on the defect report information
  • improving the testing process
    • reate and test a test process improvement plan
    • TMMi, TPI Next, CTP, STEP, etc.
  • testtools and test automation
    • selection of tools: open source tools, tailored tools, profitability, selection process
    • tool lifecycle
    • tool metrics
  • individuals' skills and team composition
    • individual skills
    • test team dynamics
    • establish testing within an organization, comparison and evaluation of insourcing, outsourcing and off-shoring
    • motivation and communication

This course is accredited according to the lates ISTQB syllabus!

You can download the syllabus here.


After the training you do have the opportunity to take the official ISTQB® Certified Tester, Advanced Level - Test Manager exam. The exam is usually conducted by an independent certification body as an electronic on-site exam. You will be notified of the result of the electronic exam immediately after completion of the test. In addition to the participation fee, there are costs for participation in the exam. When booking online, you can also order the exam as an additional booking option. A list of exam dates can be found here. You are also certainly free to book the exam at any official certification body directly by yourself and attend the exam there if you do not want to book the exam together with the E-Learning.

In order to take the ISTQB® Certified Tester - Advanced Level exam, you must have at least 18 months of practical experience and be Foundation Level certified.


Software engineers, test manager, tester and test engineers, developers, project managers, departments and teams who wish to deepen their knowledge on software and system testing and test management


In order to attend the exam ISTQB® Certified Tester - Advanced Level, you need to have at least 18 months of practical experience and be Foundation Level certified. You will automatically receive the form to apply for entry to the exam if you register yourself for the exam during the booking process. The 18 months period includes all the experience gained lifetime of the participant - not just since the passing of the Foundation Level.

Your application will be checked by the certification authority. If you do not pas the criteria mentioned above, you will not be granted to sit the exam.

For the exam itself, you will need an official, government issued, document proofing your identity.

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