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Online Seminar ISTQB Certified Tester, Foundation Level v4.0 - 2023 (E-Learning/Online-Kurs) - Training and optional exam in English


This is the ISTQB® Foundation Level E-Learning course in English according to the newest ISTQB syllabus v4.0 from 2023. The E-Learning course ISTQB® Certified Tester, Foundation Level, needs to be worked through within 30 days, starting with your desired starting date which you decide upon registration. The additional paper based material which you can order during the registration process will be sent via postal service. This is the E-Learning course in English, with English material - course language is English. The optional exam may be taken as a Remote Proctored Exam from home/the office at the date and time that you want.


This e-learning takes place according to the very latest ISTQB Certified Tester, Foundation Level curriculum, which was published in mid-2023. Knowledge Department is officially accredited by national ISTQB boards for this course in German and English.

After successfully completing the e-learning to become an ISTQB® Certified Tester, you will be able to successfully use and apply the working techniques covered, such as equivalence class analysis. You can design, plan and carry out exams and tests on a project-specific basis. You can also better assess risks related to business processes. You know the essential test terms and the test-relevant international norms and standards. You know how to create meaningful error messages, how to monitor the error correction process, how to design error post-testing efficiently and how to plan, organize and control reviews. You can select test tools specifically and know what needs to be taken into account when introducing test tools.

Compared to the previous curriculum, which had a focus on the V-model, which follows a sequential and phase-based approach and relies more on fixed test levels with formal validation and verification, the agile practices taught in the new CTFL 4.0 curriculum from 2023 enable agile practices such as ATDD, Whole team approach, continuous integration, etc., enable more flexible and responsive development by promoting continuous collaboration, iterative improvements and early feedback.

In summary, the training imparts knowledge and techniques that, when implemented appropriately, lead to a structured, systematic approach to checking and testing. The consequence of this is an improvement in the quality of the software and cost savings.


  • Fundamentals of Software Testing
  • Principles of testing and why testing is necessary
  • Agile testing and testing in agile projects
  • Test activities, test resources, test roles
  • Essential skills and best practices
  • Testing in the software development life cycle
  • Test levels and test types, maintenance tests
  • Static testing
  • Feedback and review processes
  • Test analysis and design
  • Overview of the test procedures
  • Blackbox, whitebox and experience-based testing, collaborative testing, user stories
  • Equivalence classes, boundary value analysis, decision table tests, state transition tests
  • Statement test, branch test, branch coverage
  • Test management
  • Test planning, risk management
  • Test monitoring, test control and test completion
  • Configuration management and defect management
  • Testing tools and their implementation
  • Test automation - benefits, risks and limitations
  • ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119, ISO/IEC 25010, ISO/IEC 20246, ISO/IEC/IEEE 14764:2022, ISO 31000

To prepare for the course and the exam, you will receive additional exercises for exam preparation and knowledge consolidation in our learning management system exclusively and free of charge during the training. This means you are well prepared for the exam.

You can download the applicable ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level v4.0-2023 syllabus here.


After the training, you have the opportunity to take the corresponding official ISTQB exam. You can take your exam as a “remote exam” using a PC with an internet connection and camera and sound for monitoring from home or in the office. You must inform us of your desired date 4 working days before the exam date so that we can order your exam from the certification body. There are costs to take part in the exam in addition to the participation fee. When booking online, you can order the exam as an additional booking option. You can also book and take the exam directly from the approved certification bodies if you do not want to order it at the same time or take the exam at our location. You can find a list of appointments hier. You are also certainly free to book the exam at any official certification body directly by yourself and attend the exam there if you do not want to book the exam together with the E-Learning.


Software engineers, tester and test engineers, developers, project managers, departments and teams who wish to deepen their knowledge on software and system testing



The E-Learning is for beginners as well as experienced testers and developers that want to deepen their knowledge. Also users without experience in the filed of software testing can attend the courses without any problems. Knowledge about programming are useful but no prerequisite.

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